New Cartoon

2014-07-12 18:36:42 by Shawnspaz16NG

Hey guys, my new cartoon is out. Go check it out! I was also too lazy to make a different version for newgrounds aside from the Youtube version, so it's exactly the same. Who cares? Not me.


Check it out whydon'tcha.

fuk u

2014-06-09 01:28:40 by Shawnspaz16NG


Busy as hell lately...

2012-02-12 17:56:09 by Shawnspaz16NG

I'm mostly posting this because I was tired of looking at that other outdated post on my profile. Anyways, I finished that cartoon that I posted about last time, and am waiting to post it. I'm working with a lot of other people on projects right now and we're working to create a shared youtube account to attempt to release videos on a semi-regular basis, so that's what I'm waiting on I guess. Everyone else is finishing up their first couple videos to release.

Other than that, I've been working with those same people on an indie game for the last five months and it's coming along nicely. I posted a bunch of clips of music from the game that I've been working on and you can go listen to that here:

I've been doing a lot of art and animation for that game as well, and I'm really excited about it. We're probably going to get a kickstarter up for that in a few weeks and I'll make another post then when that happens, because I know that all of you totally care about that and follow my every move.

I've been busy as fuck trying to get shit ready for art school. I drop off the application this week for the school I'm trying to get into, and I really should have dropped it off earlier. I've been job hunting like crazy as well trying to scrape together some cash on the side so that I can hopefully start putting more money towards school, but that's going to take an insane amount of luck on my end. Graduation is only a few months away, and hopefully in that 3 month gap before art school starts I can start pumping out videos and working on some new shorts. I'm currently in the middle of roughing out my next cartoon, but I'm sort of at a dead end because not all of the audio is finished and I'm waiting on lines from one of the cast members. I'm hoping to get those lines in around a week and then hopefully I can finish that short up by around Mid-March.

Anyways, that's what I'm up to.

So I guess I'd make an update. Hopefully no one looks at my Newgrounds page and only like one person sees this shit.

Anyways, I'm working on a lot of stuff. I'm working on some cool shit with Matt Vargas, but I shouldn't talk about that too much or he'll scream at me and ragequit or something.

Then I'm working on a few other shorts I may or may not upload to Newgrounds, I don't really know for sure yet. They'll definitely go up on Youtube though. I'm more excited about those than anything else, they're probably the best shorts I've worked on... probably ever. My animation has improved a lot, (at least I think so.) and I hope to get some stuff cranked out in the next month or so.

So that's it for now.

Also here's a picture with two different screen shots. Kthxbai.

Why am I updating Newgrounds?

Halloween Cartoon?

2010-10-06 01:45:29 by Shawnspaz16NG

I started animating a Halloween cartoon that I'll probably end up submitting to the Newgrounds 2010 Halloween Collection. It's about 3-4 minutes long and it involves Spaz, and I only have about 10 seconds done so far, but here's a look at what I got: cd8f5e36338ff804e714bfd8d6c9b7

It's not much, but it's something. I'll probably have the camera cut to the TV to show what he's watching before the doorbell rings. Don't expect this to be amazing either, it's just a short because people keep telling me to do something for Halloween. So yeah, kthxbai.

Halloween Cartoon?

Another Zeroballs Cartoon

2010-07-01 21:28:48 by Shawnspaz16NG

Howdy folks! I made another short Zerowolf video. You should like, look at it. I'm sure that Zerowolf would love you to.



New Cartoon Happening SOON

2010-03-13 22:03:44 by Shawnspaz16NG

So leik, get this: That other flash video that was going to be my first flash was scrapped.

BUT I'm 80% done with a new cartoon. There's a little sneak peek below.


New Cartoon Happening SOON